My Favorite Model

Story About One of My Favorite Models

Nadya Hutagalung name known in Indonesia as a VJ (Video Jockey) MTV Asia. Beautiful face, charming personality and extensive knowledge make Nadya soon become a new idol among teenagers. Moreover, the family name Nadya show his identity as an Indonesian. The community is proud because one of the successful models in the Asian level, a feat that is rarely accomplished when the Indonesian people.

However, who would have thought behind the smile that captivates many people, Nadya has a past that is pretty sad. Women who always work hard, be professional, open-minded and humble is to go through a winding path before it finally came to his success today.

Nadya Hutagalung born to Ricky and Dianne Thompson. His mother was a hippie who likes to drive around australia origin and her father came from affluent families in Indonesia. Ricky and Dianne live together in London, until such time as Ricky ‘cheat’ Dianne to marry. Dianne was then invited Ricky to eat along with Ricky parents in an atmosphere of ‘custom’. Finish eating at Dianne Ricky said: “we’re married!”

Nadya has received a mixed blood makes the unpleasant treatment of his friends as a child. He often yelled at harsh words and sent home to Indonesia. Thanks to this experience Nadya grow into a strong and brave girl.

His mother, an art teacher, is the best friend of Nadya. This is because often allow Nadya Dianne doing whatever he wanted, including smoking at the age of 10 years! Nadya, who grew up separated from his father (Ricky to stay in Indonesia), have little memory of his father in childhood. However, now she has a good relationship with his father’s large family.

At the age of 12 Nadya began his adventures in the world of entertainment with entering the modeling agency in Sidney. Originally Nadya just signed up because they want to earn extra pocket money. However, 2 weeks later he was sent by the agency to instead tokyo to do the shooting. He hired a small room in there and do shoot almost 5 times a day. Not getting the supervision of an adult, Nadya often partied all night and do things that teenagers his age should not be done. After 2 years of working back and forth Japan-Australia Nadya then return to Sydney and settled there.

When in Sidney, Nadya relationship with its neighbors. Who knew Nadya’s boyfriend actually introduced her violent actions. Nadya never suffered a broken nose and ribs her boyfriend inflicted this. Nadya itself too scared to go to the hospital to treat his wounds. This unhealthy relationship lasted for four years.

Separated from his girlfriend, Nadya life was also improved. Nadya met with the father of her first child, Tyrone, who also does violence to her mentally. He forbade Nadya to work, learn, read, also broke Nadya and her friends and family. There is strong with this treatment, in 1995 Nadya then fled to Singapore using his savings.

Nadya had never gone before or know Singapore. The reason he chose this country because Nadya never done a photo shoot for Elle Magazine Singapore. He believes that in this country the market opportunity is still wide open for him. Nadya right decision. His face was the “Asian” makes it popular with photographers and make it easier to get a job.

A few months later, an acquaintance brought Nadya to audition for MTV Asia VJ. Indeed, at that time MTV has just opened ‘cabang’nya in Asia. Nadya was then to take this opportunity and spread its wings in the world of entertainment.

Shown in front of 70 million people across Asia makes Nadya popularity skyrockets. Nadya then get various job offers and also won the award. One is the Best Light Entertainment Presenter Award at the Asian Television Awards in 1997. Yet, despite all his success, Nadia is still a girl who fears her former lover will hunt.

In 1998 Nadia left MTV Asia and are looking for a new challenge. He opened a bar and an event guide for MTV in New York. At the same time Nadia is married to Jung Doo Hong. Marriage never officially registered the expired one year later.

Nadya then met with Brian Tiong, the young man who founded the interactive marketing company, Oneday. Although never married to Brian, Nadya get her second child, Fynn. Brian himself has remained the best of friends Nadya and be a good father to Fynn.

When Nadya seems to have been ‘fed up’ with the man, in 2004 he met with Desmond Koh. Koh, a director of corporate marketing at Credit Suisse, recently ended his marriage. He is interested in the inner and outer beauty Nadya, Nadya while interested in the heart and warm personality Koh. They were friends for months before finally deciding to have a relationship.

In line with the development of his personal life, career Nadya was more uphill. He is often contracted and used as a spokesman / icon various products, including Natur E, Toto and Senayan City Mall. Nadya also started painting and marketed through his personal website Not only that, Nadya also now has its own brand of jewelry, O-Cell. The name itself is taken from Tibetan Nadya meaning clear light.

All success Nadya made recognizable as one of the successful women in Asia. By Asiaweek magazine he was even chosen to go into the list of Asia’s Leading Trendmaker along with the Dalai Lama, Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fatt. Nadya also selected to receive the award Showtime Personality of the Year by Singapore’s The New-Paper. Her beauty is also appreciated by Female magazine awards through Singapore’s Most Gorgeous Woman.

For Nadya own successful does not mean that a lot of money and popularity to the skies. According to him, success means being able to balance career conduction life, family, and spiritual life. Nadia also admitted not perfectly balance the three.

In caring for her three children, Nadya instill moral values, ethics, tolerant and honest life. When Tyrone and Fynn do no wrong and will not admit it Nadya blame them, and applies vice versa. Nadya would accept his remains, whatever the condition, as long as he wants to be honest and open.

Nadya is also planning to deliver formal education is best for Tyrone and Fynn. He did not want his children to repeat the experience in the past, life without a good education because they have to pursue a career. According to Nadya, although many successful people without a formal education, the children will be wiser in life when accompanied by a strong stock.


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